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WS-I Compliance

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WS-I Compliance Mode

Magento provides you with the ability to use two modes for SOAP API V2. These are with WS-I compliance mode enabled and WS-I compliance mode disabled. The first one was introduced to make the system flexible, namely, to increase compatibility with .NET and Java programming languages.

To enable/disable the WS-I compliance mode, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Magento Admin Panel, go to System > Configuration > Magento Core API.
  2. In the WS-I Compliance drop-down, select Yes to enable the WS-I compliance mode and No to disable the WS-I compliance mode, correspondingly.

The WS-I compliant mode uses the same WSDL endpoint as SOAP API V2 does. The key difference is that XML namespaces are used in WS-I compliance mode.

WSDL file with disabled WS-I compliance mode:

WSDL file with enabled WS-I compliance mode: